The MSC first came to Sydney from France in 1885, in order to establish a supply base for their new missions in New Guinea that had been founded in 1882 near Rabaul, on the island of New Britain.

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The MSC originally settled in the Eastern suburbs of the expanding city of Sydney. Within a few years the congregation began to accept local Australian vocations and a mission seminary was established at the Sacred Heart Monastery, Kensington (opened 1897). The foundation continued to grow and within a few years a separate MSC Australian Province was erected in 1905 with Father Pierre Marie Treand as the first Provincial.

In the following years the Australian MSC accepted a variety of ministries at the service of the Church not only in Australia but also in the islands of Oceania, and in Asia. Today there are about 150 members of the Australian Province.

In Australia we work in Parishes, among youth in Colleges, in Spirituality and Retreat Centres, among urban and traditional aboriginal Australians, in Tertiary Institutions, in Media, in hospital chaplaincies and among people suffering with HIV/AIDS, as well as in Justice and Peace ministries. Overseas, there are Australian MSC working for the development of the local churches of Papua New Guinea and the Islands of the Pacific, in China, Japan, India and Vietnam, as well as in Media and communication.

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