Spirituality of the Heart

For us, a life in union with the Heart of Jesus is not just a devotion; it is the very core of our spirituality.

heart jesusHave you ever woken up one morning and realized that something important in your life might change, will change, or has changed for the better or the worse? Has that realization left you confused, anxious, or fearful?

Maybe it is time to ask the deeper question: What gives your life meaning, purpose, direction and strength in an ever changing world? There are so many areas of your life that can change without your choice such as sickness, death of a significant person in your life, age, work, etc.

Only spirituality can keep people really secure, motivated, focused, and truly happy.

We Missionaries of the Sacred Heart would like to share our MSC Spirituality with you.heart spirituality share

The spirituality of the heart is the foundation of the MSC Spirituality.

Following the way of the heart helps people experience the compassionate love of God as revealed through the humanity of Jesus, symbolized by his pierced heart.

Spirituality of the heart looks at life by seeking to experience and understand the movements of one's own heart and of the heart of Jesus.

In a spirituality of the heart, right relationships with God, with others and with oneself, are important.