The weekend of the anniversary of the death of Jules Chevalier was chosen as an appropriate time for Daramalan to have its major celebration of its 50th anniversary.    On the evening of Saturday October 20 an Anniversary Dinner was held at Rydges Lakeside Hotel.   This was designed particularly for past students and a table was set aside for each Year group.   Over 600 people attended.   The official party included all previous Principals still alive as well as all Board members.   Rita Daniels, current Principal, welcomed all Guests.   Bob Irwin proposed a toast to the College.  Bill Rogers, College Captain 1970, launched a book to commemorate the 50 years.   This was produced by Marie Clarke, Judy Smith and David Garrity.   This is entitled "Daramalan College 50 Years" and sells for $35.00   It is an excellent record with multiple coloured pictures.

A Thanksgiving Mass was celebrated in the College Hall on Sunday morning October 21., attended by about 300 people.   The Principal celebrant was the Provincial, John Mulrooney.   The homilist was Jim Littleton who spoke on the significance of Jubilee.     After Mass a new but unfinished building was blessed and opened.  This was the Stage 1 of a replacement of the Design and Technology Building, also known as Lysaught Wing, which will eventually be demolished.    Stage 2 will be constructed early in 2013.  In the afternoon there were some sporting fixtures with Chevalier College, as well as fun activities for both young people and adults.   Hospitality students provided an excellent lunch for official guests.

It was a memorable and most enjoyable weekend.

Jim Littleton MSC