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Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, an Australian community, in a worldwide religious congregation.

Ministry Mission

Jesus loved with a human heart: with him we proclaim his love to the world.

Peace, Justice, Creation

We work to discover through advocacy, healing and reconciliation, God's presence in our world.


We are to be on earth the heart of God. God has no other heart but ours.

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BG PA KH Croydon Communion

This has been a sad week as we remembered Peter Wood and Frank Perry.

But, it began with joy, the Golden Jubilee celebrations of four confreres. It is about to end with more joy, Khoi’s ordination.

It seemed a good idea to post some memento photos of the Jubilee celebration. The original news was posted on this site on Monday, September 3rd.

BG PA KH croydon.

The celebration was at the former MSC scholasticate at Croydon, Victoria

BG PA KHCroydon congregation 23710

The monastery is now Croydon's Sacred Heart Parish. The Mass was celebrated in the section of the parish church, the extension of the former chapel out into the courtyard.

The Jubilarians, 200 years of MSC priestly ministry between them: Brian Gallagher, Pat Austin, Keith Humphries. Illness prevented Frank Andersen's being there.

BG PA KH Croydon BG intro

BG PA KH Croydon PA Gospel

BG PA KH croydon Keith

Chris Chaplin gave the tribute to the jubilarians

BG PA KH Croydon cc

The cutting of the cake - made by Frank Andersen (with a glimpse of him at work making the jubilee cake)

BG PA KH Croydon cake 2

Frank Andersen cake

A happy celebration

BG PA KH Croydon sign of peace