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Abzalon and Chris at the inauguration - with some local inculturation


                             Mission Project of MSC Media Ministry for the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in India

                                                                                 Bangalore, India

                                                                                    March 2018

There are two parts in this item – with thanks to the Indian Union and Fr Julius Kumar MSC, responsible for Chevcom:

A news item on the inauguration of Chevcom in Bangalore

Then, an invitation to read more about the mission and spirituality inspiring this Indian initiative.



Chevcom was inaugurated by Rev Fr Abzalon Superior General in the presence of Rev Fr Chris Chaplin Assistant General and Rev Fr Charles Union Superior and Fr Gerald Council member on July 16th at Chevalier Campus in Bangalore.

Chevcom is a term coined by MSC media experts of our congregations in the past and was in much discussion. It owes much to the contribution of the pioneers. Chevcom means Chevalier Communications which is an initiative of the MSC Indian Union.

As Fr. Chevalier communicated the love of the Sacred Heart through letters today we can communicate the love of the Heart through computers. It will cater to the spiritual needs of the people through audio-visual such as Chevcom magazines covering the updates of the Union and OLSH magazines updates of the OLSH parish. It will aim at promoting the Gospel and social values through audio-visual, websites and social media. It will render service in media education to the disadvantaged youth who will be the target group of technical and spiritual training. It will periodically publish graphics, Photography and webinars carrying spiritual quotes. Its an initiative of the Indian Union and a humble beginning. 



Bangalore India

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Introduction: Media ministry for the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a new venture which the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart feel called to step into. Some of the Religious congregations namely Salesians, St. Paul’s Fathers and Sisters, SVD’s, Jesuits, Diocesans and Lay faithful are already into media ministry. It is a very good initiative. But this is not sufficient for a country like India which has a population of 1.32 billion people. MSC Media ministry will be a joint venture with the local and Universal Church to evangelize the non-Christians and re-evangelize the Christians. Media Ministry is also a collaborative ministry with the local church.

Collaborative ministry is an active participation in the local church by training and empowering the disadvantaged children and youth, if needed also the religious seminarians and women.

Theology of Communication: There is a constant and dynamic communication of love between God the Father, God the Son and the God the Holy Spirit. God is the Sender. His Son is the Messenger with the message of love to the whole world. This Divine communication of love to the whole human race becomes effective through the Holy Spirit. Many individuals are filled with the communication gifts of the Holy Spirit to do the communication mission of God to place where people are in need. God communicated to the humanity through his only begotton Son who showed us the way, spoke the truth and gave us his life in abundance. Jesus is the way the truth and life (Jn 14:6).

Communication Models:

God the Father was a primordial communicator who communicated with his first human beings created in his own image and likeness. He used the burning bush to communicate to Moses. He used clouds and the pillar of fire to communicate to his people about his constant presence with them. He communicated the message of his salvation to his people through the prophets.

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Jesus, a model of Communication: Jesus is the Word of God (Jn 1:1-14). Jesus preached the good news of salvation to all without any discrimination. He spoke with such a great authority, so much so people were so much taken up by his message. He spoke the words of comfort and strength. His words were audible and effective to the extent that it had impact on the lives of the people both the ordinary and the learned in authority. Jesus launched his public ministry in the synagogue, opening the scroll and reading: the Spirit of the Lord is upon me to preach the Good News to the poor..(Lk 4:16-19).

Holy Spirit: When Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan, the Holy Spirit came upon him in the form of a dove. When the Apostles and Mary were gathered at the upper room, the Holy Spirit came upon them in tongues of fire (Acts 2:1-13).

Apostles: When they were filled by Holy Spirit, they went out to the streets like a roarding lions and started preaching the Word of God.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart: Our Lady of the Sacred Heart was close to the Heart of Jesus in his important life events: from conception to Ascention, nativity, flee to Egypt, presentation, in temple, wedding at Cana, Synogogue, carrying of the Cross and Crucifixion. In all these events of Jesus Our Lady of the Sacred Heart became the visible sign and enactment of God’s unconditional love, his infinite Mercy and  his ever closeness.

Jules Chevalier: The Servant of God Father Jules Chevalier was a man of communication. He was so fascinated with the Heart of Jesus especially the pierced heart of Jesus which had tremendous love for the humanity (Jn 19:34). This love was a healing love of Jesus for many evils like Jansenism, indifferentism, atheism, materialism and Protestantism. Father Chevalier was a relentless communicator to the Universal church and the local church and his own confreres. His message was to everyone was the love of the Heart of Jesus. He always communicated the love of the Heart of Jesus to the people in France through letters and the heart symbol.

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Launching of MSC Media Ministry: We can launch this new ministry of our congregation from the scratch with the available personnel and resources and talents and skills. We can also get some financial support from Fr. Andrien Meaney, MSC, the Mission Office Director of Australia.

The objectives of MSC Media Ministry:

  1. Preaching the Word of God through audio-visuals and virtual platforms like websites and social media and apps.
  2. Making known the Love of Christ.
  3. Rendering Media Education to the disadvantaged youth and children.
  4. Making known our MSC presence and Ministry in India.
  5. It will be a means of vocation promotion to our congregation including MSC sisters. It will be a help given to the vocation promoter in his vocation work.
  6. It will be a small source of local income for the congregation.

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Immediate Needs for the Launch:

The immediate things which are required for this particular ministry as of now are an office, a computer with several softwares, media books and DVDs, photo and video cameras, two mikes, two speakers, amplifier and a mixer.

Title of MSC Media Ministry: CHEVCOM means Chevalier Communications. This is a well known title for MSC media ministry which was coined by our Australian confrere Fr. Peter Malone and introduced in the previous general chapters.

Financial Estimation: Since the financial status of our Indian Union is not self sufficient, we can plan this mission project with the minimum financial support we get from our Australian confrere Fr. Adrien Meaney. In the course of time we can further equip the ministry with required technical instruments and technical personnel.

Strategy of Our MSC Media Ministry:

Social Upliftment: When the disadvantaged youth are trained with media education, there will be job opportunities. Thus they will have opportunities to enter into wider social spectrum.

Economic growth: The disadvantaged youth will become more self sufficient and will support their families financially. Thus their future will be secured. 

Religious Enrichment: We can educate the youth about the Gospel values. We can evangelize them and spread the love of the Heart of Jesus.

Political Scenario: In the present political predicament most of the media people are controlled by the so called politicians. They don’t give the right information at the right time though the people have the right to information. As MSC media we can stick on to the values, truth, right information and authenticity devoid of ideologies. We can see that the youth are trained properly to work in the media field with a neutral look and diplomatic approach.

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