ribat roy ben to rot

Some photo records: Appreciation to Roy O'Neill and Ben Fleming for photos/


qui rome

Qui has finished his first year of Licentiate in Scripture studies.

roy AND sdb India

Roy has had quite some difficulties in getting visa and residency. Here he is waiting with Salesians from India.

greg mcennally

Greg McEnnally getting sustenance to walk the Camino.

via asmara to rot

Celebrating Peter to Rot’s feastday at the General House.

ribat ben rome to rot

Cardinal John Ribat presiding.

Ribat ben roy melissa hitchman ambassador

Visiting the Australian Ambassador to the Vatican, Melissa Hitchman.

ribat ben roy not all work

It’s not all work…

ribat ben st peters

John Ribat and Ben Fleming in St Peter’s… until next time.

ribat ben rome to rot