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cimg4621Darcy Morris was an outstanding member of the Australian MSC Province. As the title of the new 68 page booklet by Adrian Meaney and Jim Littleton highlights, 'Ahead of His Time'.


Although Darcy Morris died at the age of fifty in 1955, he achieved a great deal within in the province, lecturing in Scripture after returning from Roman studies and serving as prefect of students when the seminary training was in Sydney in the 1930s. With the transfer of the students to Croydon, Victoria, he brought with him a breadth of interest in all areas of study, inspiring an intellectual curiosity that was all-encompassing.


Beyond the walls of the seminary, Darcy Morris was active in The Catholic Evidence Guild in Melbourne (despite a stammer), parish and pastoral outreach as well as in his writings, especially in the Annals and some booklets.


Struck down by illness when he returned to Melbourne after two years as superior at the Kensington Monastery, he died on June 23rd 1955 and is buried in the cemetery at Croydon.


For this portrait, Jim Littleton draw on a memoir compiled by Adrian Meaney and another by Darcy's cousin, Sister Marie Therese Malone OSB.


Ahead of his time is available from the MSC Missions Office, PO Box 177, Kensington, NSW, 1465.