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Over 80 members of the Australian Province arrived at St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill, a Marist Brothers school,many considering ‘Joeys’ the Marist school, over 100 years old, near Sydney’s Parramatta River and Gladesville Bridge.

The Chapter is due to run until October 5th.




The Chapter is an Open Chapter.  Not only were ex officio members (Provincial Council and Superiors) attending, but any professed member in final vows could be a delegate.  There were also some invited guests, men and women who share in the work and life of the Province.

The opening session saw members move into the large college hall where the Chapter candle was lit (initially going out, which might have seemed a bad sign, but was rekindled, a better sign of the hopes for the Chapter).  Each member declared their presence, stated the year in which they took their vows and then made a short statement of expectations of the Chapter.

The Provincial Superior, Tim Brennan MSC, welcomed everyone to Hunters Hill.