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October 21st is the anniversary of the death of Jules Chevalier.  In many communities and ministries, it has become Jules Chevalier Day.


Fr Raymond Dossmann MSC (of the French Province) is preparing material for the cause of Fr Chevalier.  One of the Vatican requests is that information and details be submitted of how Fr Chevalier is venerated around the world.  Fr Dossmann would like receive any information that would contribute to his dossier: names of ministries with Chevalier in the title, media material on Fr Chevalier, different ways in which Chevalier Day is celebrated.


Any information should be sent to:

Fr Raymond Dossmann MSC


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Fr Chevalier is remembered in different ways around the Province.




Here are two examples.                                                                                         chev_day_dara_2010cuse


At Daramalan College in Canberra, the students (over 1400), the staff and members of the MSC Community  assembled for a prayer and reflection function in the college gymnasium.  After an opening hymn, Ms Rita Daniels, the school principal, introduced the celebration, the meaning of the day with an emphasis on the spirituality of the heart and its place in MSC ministries.  Fr Jim Littleton opened the reflection with a reading from Jules Chevalier.


Daramalan’s theme for 2010 is one of its values: compassion.  A number of students spoke, with power point illustrations, of compassion in the school, in Canberra suburbs and one student related his story of working with the people of Lombok, Indonesia, during the school holidays.


Peter Malone MSC offered a reflection on Fr Chevalier and his heritage which was followed by a video of students explaining what compassion means – they won’t get Oscars for performances, but the energy and enthusiasm were what mattered.  After a reflection by one of the students who compared the lives and work of Jules Chevalier and Mary McKillop, the rendition of the College Song, written by James Maher MSC, raised the roof.


Lower key, but no less heartfelt was the celebration by the Melbourne Community.  It was held at St Thomas Blackburn and Fr Chris Murphy MSC, the parish priest, led the liturgy, with the MSC Melbourne community hosting the occasion.  A meal followed, shared by OLSH sisters and MSC sisters and Melbourne Lay MSC.