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Elisabeth (Liz) and Michael Phelan:  Golden Wedding,  24th September 2010.

Margaret and John O’Loughlin:  Golden Wedding, 29th October 2010.



Elizabeth and Michael Phelan have been associated with the MSCs for well over forty years.  In fact it was Liz who, at one of our Chapters, gave us the famous phrase:  “I think I was always an MSC; and then I met one”.  From the late 1960’s Liz and Michael opened their home and their hearts to the MSC from Croydon.  They and Margaret and John O’Loughlin lived opposite each other in Heathwood Street, Heathmont and were regular Mass goers with their growing families at the Monastery.  Their son Paul attended Monivae College.

So deep was their commitment to MSC that they left their home in Melbourne and moved to Toowoomba to work for the MSC at Downlands College.  Michael worked as the manager of The Green Griffin and ran the bingo, fundraising for Downlands, as well as being one of the bus drivers.  Liz went on staff as a Teacher’s Assistant.  Over the years she became more involved both in the boarding house situations and as a much respected counsellor for the students and staff.   All of their four children attended Downlands (Jane, Paul, Sarah and Dairmuid).

As in Melbourne, so their home in Messines Street, opposite the side gate at Downlands, became a place of welcome.  Liz and Michael were also regular members of the Community there, attending Mass almost daily and very much part of any Community celebrations.  Over the years, they had a particular care for the older MSC who were resident in Jubilee House.

There are many MSC and many who have left the Order who have received the warm-hearted hospitality and acceptance of Liz and Michael.   We congratulate them and celebrate with them their lifetime of love and commitment in marriage as MSC.

Margaret and John O’Loughlin have been leaders in the Associates, the Lay MSC, movement for several decades, long associated with the Croydon Monastery.  Margaret worked at reception and secretarial work at the Heart of Life Centre as well as in Park Orchards parish.  More latterly, Margaret and John have been committed to working for Blackburn parish.

Margaret is at present a member of the MSC Lay and Professed Council.  She attended the 1998 Provincial Chapter.  She also attended the 1995 General Chapter in Issoudun.

The Golden Wedding anniversary clelbrations betan with an evening on the anniversary day for Margaret and John’s eight children and their families, for relatives and friends and a number of MSC guests, including Provincial, Tim Brennan MSC.

This was followed by an anniversary Mass on the Sunday at St Thomas Church, Blackburn, where Margaret and John renewed their marriage vows.

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