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Sister Berenice Twohill FDNSC

Sunday November 14th (ABC 1 at 8.35 pm) is the advertised screening time for the premiere of Sisters of War, a memoir of New Britain and the Japanese occupation and the internment of mission personnel, including Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.  The film features Sister Berenice Twohill FDNSC as one of the central characters along with Lorna Whyte, a nurse.

The making of the film featured in the Catholic press earlier in the year when the film was in production.  Locations were in Queensland where the mission of Vunapope was reconstructed.

Claire van der Boom portrays Sister Berenice and Sarah Snook is Lorna Whyte.

One of the characters, played by Scottish actor, Gerard Lepkowski, is Bishop Leo Scharmach, who wrote a memoir of the war times, This Crowd Beats us All.

Former general auctioneer, Rod Miller, did research on the period, collecting diaries and other memorabilia, thinking it would serve as the basis for a documentary.  Writer John Misto saw the potential for a film.  This means that Sisters of War will be a drama rather than an exact account of characters and events, although director, Brendan Maher, says that the real characters and the truth of the story give the drama more power.

Television guides have given prominence to articles and features about the film.  It received front page cover from the Melbourne Age’s Green Guide.