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Afire for God’s Mission in Today’s World

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With thanks to the MSC Sisters for this outline of their recent Provincial Chapter.  The Sisters are present in Australia which means that so many of the Chevalier Family do not have immediate contact with them. We are reminded of their ministry – their theme going into the Chapter was:

Afire for God’s Mission in Today’s World:

I have come to bring fire on the earth and how I wish it were already kindled.” Lk 12,49

DAY 1:

The day began with Sr. Mary Drum, Province Leader welcoming the 17 Delegates, Sr Madeleine Barlow RNDM , Fr Frank Andersen MSC and Sr Kate DuVal SSND.

The Opening Prayer led by Sisters Ros and Carolle took us through the Emmaus Story incorporating the call and response of each delegate to their participation in the Chapter.

Madeleine, who was later joined by Fr Frank began a reflective and prayerful process drawing on the Emmaus Story.  The day was brought to a close with a Eucharistic Celebration.

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Day 2:

Sr Kate DuVal SSND, our facilitator from the U.S. was formally welcomed as our Chapter Facilitator.

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Sister Kate DuVal SSND, Faciiltator

Chapter Formalities took place.

The Australian Province Report was presented by Sr Mary Drum and the Financial Report was presented by Sr Maureen Sheehan.  Questions and clarification followed both reports.

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Sister Mary Drum, Provincial Superior

Day 3:

Among the topics discussed today was Future Governance in view of our Aging Province.

Throughout the Chapter days we were encouraged to ponder the question - What is emerging for us as Australian MSC Sisters? 

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Sister Anneliese Reinhard MSC

Day 4:

Election of 2 delegates to the General Chapter in Rome in June 2020.

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Sister Joan Fisher MSC

Time was spent on forming an Affirmation Statement from the Chapter.

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The Chapter concluded with a Eucharist Celebration led by Fr Phil Malone MSC.                                  

With thanks:  Text, Maureen Smith; photos, Carmel Butler.