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IN MEMORIAM: JOHN RATE MSC – access to tributes and to Requiem Mass streaming.

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It is a week since John was buried at St Mary’s Towers, Douglas Park.  There have been so many tributes that it is beyond the capacity of our website to carry them all and we are not equipped to incorporate links.

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HOWEVER…. it is easy for any visitor to our site to have access to the tributes.

john rate eulogy randwick

If you go to Google and type in Facebook John Rate Tribute page, you will be able to spend a great deal of time if you wish, not only seeing and reading the tributes but you will find the streaming of his Requiem Mass at Henley Beach and the Mass at Randwick.

john rate choir randwick

If you go again to Google and type in John Rate Shalom, you will get access to a 24 minute documentary made earlier this year where John speaks of his ministry and of his illness.

In fact, there are many biblical lectures by John on You Tube.  Again, just google his name and lectures.

With thanks to Brett Adamson and Kimi Vunivesilevu

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