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                                                UPDATE ON THE MSC PACIFIC UNION, FROM THE GENERAL CONFERENCE

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                                                In the final sessions of the General Conference, the members looked at      the                     

                                                different areas of the world, the developments, the recessions.

                                                 Here is our first of several focal areas, the Pacific Union.

                                                                        Resource Person : Tamati Sefo


  • The mission in the Pacific Union was founded on May 10, 1988. It has three districts: Fiji District, Kiribati District and Marshall Island District.
  • It has a total of 46 members. Towards the end of the year, it will be 51 in number. The average age is between 50 to 51 years old.
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  • There are local formators. The formations program is in place and stable. They have an established minstries: schools in Kiribati, a vocational school in Fiji and a hostel
  • As regards finacial stability, the union is said to be sustainable which was helped largely by the parishes. Of course, there is the subsidy coming from the adminstration. The laity played an important role in the finacial sustainability of the Union.
  • Members are supporiting the build up of fund and its sutainability; there is a greater awareness now.
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  • They are confident and happy to pray for the PROVINCEHOOD of the Pacific Union. However, it realy depends on the General Adminstration, if they say, otherwise, they will be happy too to consider the vital recommendations on Province status.
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