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olsh in the shadow of hope

A number of visitors to our site say that they have been collecting images of the Sacred Heart and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.  Here are some more images of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

The above image is named as: A SHADOW OF HOPE, with the comment: Our Lady of the Sacred Heart is also known as the Hope of the Hopeless. There are times that all we need is a shadow of hope. And it's more than enough. — at MSC OLSH Shrine and Spirituality Center - Canlanipa, Surigao City, 8400 Ph.

Many images are circulated from the Philippines and from Michael Angelo Acera Dacalos MSC, with thanks.

olsh icon

US icon, and from the US

olsh american 3

And from Latin America

olsh santo domingo

Santo Domingo

olsh dominican republic

Dominican Republic


olsh in the shadow of hope