Who we are

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, an Australian community, in a worldwide religious congregation.

Ministry Mission

Jesus loved with a human heart: with him we proclaim his love to the world.

Peace, Justice, Creation

We work to discover through advocacy, healing and reconciliation, God's presence in our world.


We are to be on earth the heart of God. God has no other heart but ours.

Current News


MSC Education Meeting 2019 whole group

MSC Colleges: Downlands, Chevalier, Monivae, Daramalan.

MSC Education Meeting 2019 Principals

MSC College Principals

Bob Irwin MSC writes:

Basically, the meetings were for the Education Council, all MSC Principals, Directors of Mission, school Business Managers,Board Chairs, Chevalier Institute, some MSC,and the Provincial.

MSC Education Meeting 2019 Mission

Directors of Mission. Chevalier Institute. 

MSC Education Meeting 2019 Board Chairs

Board Chairs.

This is all part of making sure our schools are compliant to all Government and MSC requirements, and to bind us all closer together in the MSC family. 

MSC Education Meeting 2019 Business Managers

School Business Managers.

MSC Education Meeting 2019 MSC


Happily,  our schools are doing well, and are very strong in the MSC ethos.