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You may know some of the people in these stories and recognise their pictures. There are celebrations. There is joy even in troubled Venezuela.  

fil pelingon jubilee

The Philippines:  Many know Fil Pelingon MSC who studied theology in Australia, spent some years as Bursar General and was the head of CFA, the Communication Foundation for Asia in Manila.

fil pelingon

He celebrates his Golden Jubilee of ordination.

floris msc philippines attorney

And a different talent for MSC ministry: Attorney-at-Law.

luis gonzales 2


Irish Provincial Superior, Carl Tranter MSC, writes about the MSC in Venezeula, troubled times, but joy in a deaconate ordination.

We have great joy in announcing that on Saturday, May 4th, Luis Gonzalez MSC will be ordained a Deacon in Caracas, Venezuela.

luis gonzales deacon caracas

At a time when the country is going through such a difficult period politically, socially, and economically, it is a sign of great hope that a young man such as Luis commits himself to the service of the people of Venezuela with the deep desire to be for all a living, tangible presence of God’s heart for his people. We pray for Luis on this significant step in his vocational journey, that he may serve the Lord, the Church, and all of society with love and generosity. Congratulations to Luis, his brother MSCs in Venezuela, and his family.

As we keep Luis especially in our prayers these days, we also continue to pray for the whole country of Venezuela.

In Fiji

fiji 1

Farewell to the Chief Justice Hon.Anthony Gates our long time friend and supporter of the MSC Missions in Fiji especially Chevalier Hostel and Chevalier Training Centre. Vinaka vakalevu saka for your love and great support.

fiji centre 2

Congratulations to Br Laisenia Ralake the appointed director of Chevalier Training Centre.

warren to fiji 3 kanimea

US Brother Warren Perotto was commissioned to Fiji.

warren p 52 years professed

And celebrated his Silver Jubilee of Profession.


And, a glimpse of Col Sinclair MSC, alive and well in Fiji.

pu synod talk sinclair

With continued thanks to the constant Faceboo chronicler of the Pacific Union, Robati Tebaieua MSC