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Image of St Joseph

2 February, 1892
The title of Saint Joseph "Friend of the Sacred Heart" is changed to "Saint Joseph, patron and model of those of love the Sacred Heart".

5 February, 1900

Canonical Erection of the Congregation of MSC Sisters and approbation of the Statutes for five years.

6 February, 1855
Chevalier and Maugenest finish their second novena to the Blessed Virgin.
Their prayer is answered. They are promised 1000 francs, per year, from a generous benefactor, for their living expenses.

10 February, 1885

Fr. Verjus and three Italian Brothers leave Sydney for Thursday Island.

15 February, 1981

Fr. Juan Alonso Fernandez, MSC, of the Spanish Province, is violently assassinated in Guatemala.   See poster below.

16 February, 1915

Fr. Charles Piperon dies in Thuin, Belgium. He was longtime companion and confidant of Jules Chevalier.

 22 February, 1908
Marie Louise Hartzer, first Superior General of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, dies in Thuin, Belgium. She is buried four days later. Marie Louise had left France due to the expulsions of religious by the French Government.

23 February, 1945
29 Dutch MSC are freed form the concentration camp at Los BaƱos, Philippines.

24 February, 1985

Fr. Henri Verjus arrives at Thursday Island after having left Sydney earlier in the month.

25 February, 1875
The Vatican orders that, in future, all new images of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart must represent the Child Jesus on the arms of his mother, and not standing before her.

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